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Pushing Daisies Fanfiction

The First and Best Place for PD fanfic

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All Members , Moderated
A place for fans to post their original Pushing Daisies fanfiction
Hello, all! This is your friendly mod, ellowyntinuviel, here, welcoming you to Daisies_Fanfic!

Daisies_Fanfic is he first comprehensive community dedicated to fanfiction related to the new hit show, Pushing Daisies, starring Lee Pace as Ned the Piemaker, an extraordinary man with the ability to bring the dead back to life with a simple touch; however, if he touches them again, they're instantly dead forever. Be sure to watch the show Wednesday nights, on ABC, at 8 EST, 7 CST.

All fiction is allowed in this community, regardless of couple, content, genre, message, creed, font color, word count, age, and use of rhetorical devices.

There shall be no "flaming" of any story in this community. If you don't like a story that someone has written, try to offer them constructive criticism abot how they might change their work to make it better. Refrain from mean comments, personal attacks, and other such cruel behavior. IMPORTANT: All instances of "flaming" should be reported to the mod thedisassociate and all those guilty of throwing flames will be put on temporary notice, and if the behavior continues, the user shall be banned from the community. I hate to seem mean, but I want everyone to play well together. I'm sure we won't have any problems.

All stories should have the following subject line: Title of story (pairing), by author, rating. Example: Bliss (Chuck/Olive), by ellowyntinuviel, PG13. This will guarantee that your work makes it into the memories section for future readers to discover.

All stories should have the following identified:
Rating: (for information on ratings, see below)
and then any important author's notes.

Your story should then be placed under an lj-cut. If you do not know what an lj-cut is, or how to create one, you can read about it by clicking on this link.

Stories rated G:
Content appropriate for ALL AGES. Content should be free of any coarse language, violence, and adult themes.

Stories rated PG:
Content suitable for MOST AGES. May include with minor action violence without serious injury. May contain mild coarse language. Should not contain any adult themes.

Stories rated PG-13:
Content suitable for TEENS AND OLDER. May include some violence, minor coarse language, and minor suggestive adult themes.

Stories rated R:
Content is suitable for TEENS AND ADULTS 16 AND OLDER. May include possible strong but non-explicit adult themes, references to violence, and strong coarse language.

Stories rated NC-17:
Content is only suitable for MATURE ADULTS. May contain explicit language and adult themes.

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If you have any questions, feel free to contact me, thedisassociate