susolgi2004 (susolgi2004) wrote in daisies_fanfic,

Endings are where we begin, Chapter I

title: Endings are where we begin, Chapter I
fandom: Pushing Daisies
pairing: Ned/Chuck
rating: PG or PG 13 (maybe for some of Ned`s imaginations)
summary: A year later in a small town named Couer d`Couers Ned lost all the trust in his eyes. He surely was dreaming...
disclaimer: I don`t own nothing at all, neither the characters (damn it!) nor the title of that story, which was part of the very last sentence of the show. :o((

Hey you! This is my very first fanfic. I`m from germany and my english is not very good. But fortunately I found people, who had a read through it before. So, my special thanks to blondezilla90 and to trainmad. :o))
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