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Hi everybody!

I`m new here and I`ve never done anything like this before. I`m from germany and I love, I adore and I miss Pushing Daisies so very, very much!!! So a few months ago, I was searching for PD fanfics and after reading a lot of them, I started to write fanfics myself.
In german! I would like to post some of my fics now in this Journal, but as all of you surely noticed, my english is very bad. I learned english at school for four years, but even that is 12 years ago. I understand a lot, but writing myself is very hard. I tried to translate the first chapter of my fiction and I think, everybody could understand the main meaning of it, but  unfotunately I`m to bad with this language to avoid disturbing and awkward mistakes. So, if there`s anybody out there, who would like to read my stories and to correct them, please write to me and after that I would like to share my fics with all of you. My story is most about Ned and Chuck, later there`s a lot of Olive, Emerson and the aunts in it, too. It has to be rated from PG13 to NC-17, I think.

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