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Fic: Pushing Daisies, "Lachrymose", Ned/Chuck, NC-17

title: Lachrymose
author: neotantrika
fandom: Pushing Daisies
pairing: Ned/Chuck
rating: NC-17, MA
warnings: Explicit sex
summary: I was not happy with the ending to this show, which never resolved the central question: would Ned and Chuck ever be able to touch? I need a happily-ever-after for these two, and this is one way it might happen. Calling on the arts of herbal remedy salesman Alfredo Aldarisio, Chuck asks for something that will make her fall out of love with the Pie-Maker, and vice versa. What he comes up with, however, is a better solution all around.
disclaimer: These characters, as well as the very last line of the story, are all the property of Bryan Fuller and ABC. No infringement is intended. I promise to play nice with the pretty toys and put them back when I am finished.

Have you ever wanted to fall out of love with someone?


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