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Happy Holidays

Title: Happy Holidays
Pairing: Ned/Chuck
Disclaimer: This fan-fiction, and portrayal of characters in it, is entirely fictitious. All characters are property of Warner Brothers Entertainment
Word Count: 1,503
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Ned and Chuck spend Christmas together...

Chuck always loved Christmas. When she lived with Aunts Lily and Vivian, she would always look forward to Christmas morning, when the three of them would exchange gifts (which Chuck would have bought) and Lily would wear her festive eyepatch before going back to bed with a Martini and not returning until lunch.


Even though she felt a pain inside at missing this special time with them, Chuck felt a new excitement build at the idea of her first Christmas with the Pie-Maker. Together with Olive, she decorated the Pie Hole early on Christmas Eve. It was only a half day, as the shop would be closing early, but she still felt it was worth the effort. The pie of the day was mince pie, another Christmas treat that Chuck used to enjoy with her Aunts.


Ned was pleasantly surprised to see how popular the mince pies had become, even more popular than the four berry pie that was sometimes three berries and an orange piece if he was running low on supplies. “At this rate, we might have to stay open until the evening”, he remarked as yet another customer entered and ordered a mince pie, “Or maybe we should put the price up”


“Humbug”, Chuck smirked, “I never had you down as a Scrooge”


“I’m not”, Ned replied, “I just want to shut early on Christmas Eve like everybody else…”


He paused. “Can I smell…gruyere?”


“It’s baked into the crust of this pie”, Chuck explained, sliding the dessert out of the oven and into a delivery box, “Special order”


“Must be special if we’re delivering it on Christmas Eve”, Ned murmured, “Especially seeing as the delivery boy doesn’t work today”


“I’m sure Olive won’t mind taking it”, Chuck answered back


Ned raised an eyebrow, but sure enough, the perky blonde agreed and was soon on her way.



“Pie at Christmas”, Vivian smiled, “Oh, Lily. Isn’t it lovely?”


“The novelty wears off after a while”, Lily replied, “Christmas is such an anti-climax anyway. The sooner it’s over, the better. Then we won’t have to put up with fairy lights all over the street, and kids running around screaming at the top of their lungs about Santa. Everyone knows there’s…”


“I’m sure Olive hasn’t come all this way just to hear all about Christmas”, her sister cut in, “Look, there’s even mince pies. It’s just like when Charlotte was here. Try one!”


“They’re OK”, Lily shrugged after tasting one, “Nothing special, but I wasn’t really expecting anything too exciting”


Olive didn’t take the remark to heart. She had grown fond of the aunts, to the extent where her wish to tell them that Chuck had faked her death was no more.


Bidding the aunts farewell, Olive returned to the city.



Chuck could barely wait for Christmas Day, so much so that she awoke at five in the morning and couldn’t get back to sleep. Eventually, she got up and slipped on her dressing gown. Padding out into the deserted hallway, she went next door and knocked on the door to Olive’s flat.


There was a crash, and the sound of scrabbling before Olive opened the door slowly clutching some mistletoe. “Err…”, Chuck began, “Happy…holidays?”


“Oh”, Olive muttered, “I thought you were Ned”


“That explains the mistletoe”, Chuck remarked, “I was just wondering if you wanted to open your presents with Ned and me. There’s no sense in being alone right now”


Olive grinned and vanished into her flat. “I’ll leave the door unlocked”, Chuck told her before returning to her own flat.


It wasn’t long before Olive appeared carrying her presents under each arm. “Where’s Ned?”, she asked


“Still sleeping”, Chuck replied from near the Christmas tree, “Do you want to go and wake him? You know I can’t…”


“Oh, the deadly food allergy thingy”, Olive remarked, “How do you people know that you have it if you don’t even touch?”


“We just know”, Chuck shrugged.


It was better than the truth, she thought as she watched Olive make her way towards the bedroom.



Olive tip-toed into the bedroom, and her eyes were immediately drawn to Ned. He was lying on his front with one arm dangling down to the floor. His usually immaculate brown hair was sticking up at all angles and the noise he made as he slept was even more beautiful than she had imagined. Inside, Olive felt immensely jealous of Chuck for being able to sleep in the same room; even if they did sleep in separate beds.


All at once, Ned turned over in his sleep and Olive could see the thick forest of hair on his chest. Her heart raced and it took all of her willpower to stop her throwing caution to the wind and climbing straight into bed with him.


Her eyeline was then drawn to the conspicuous lump in the middle of the bed. Whoever Ned was dreaming about, he was pleased to see them. Olive stood motionless for a few moments, simply committing the sight in front of her to memory. She almost wished that she had a camera to capture the image for eternity.


It was then that a thought struck her. The Pie-Maker could be naked under that duvet, and this could be her only chance to see if the wives tales about big hands was true. Carefully, Olive took hold of one corner and pulled the duvet off the bed. “Damn!”, she murmured, “Boxer shorts!”


“Olive?”, Ned yawned, “Wha…what are you doing here?”


“Come to get you up”, the waitress smirked, “But it looks like you’re already…up”


Ned looked down and flushed before quickly grabbing his dressing gown from the back of the chair.



As they took turns at opening presents, Chuck couldn’t help but glance across at Ned every so often. His smile bewitched her every time, and he looked beautiful in her eyes. There was never a moment that he didn’t look beautiful to her, but there was something about his tousled hair and the hand-knitted blue he had received from Emerson wrapped around his neck that just made him look even more perfect.


Ned was also bewitched by Chuck. He loved the way that her eyes had lit up every time she had opened her gifts; even though there weren’t that many seeing as the whole world thought that she was dead. It was that thought which made him appreciate her presence even more, and he cherished every second of it.


When Olive returned to her flat to call her family and wish them a happy Christmas, Chuck turned to Ned. “Can you carve a turkey?”, she asked


Ned raised an eyebrow. “I mean will it come back to life if you touch it?”, Chuck explained, “It’ll be hard to make Olive understand why the turkey we’re having for dinner has come alive and is now running around the kitchen!”


“Emerson can carve”, Ned answered after a while, “I’m sure it won’t come back to life, seeing as it has no head, feathers or vital organs, but it’s better to be on the safe side. Now I’ll see if we have any food wrap, because I’ve got another present for you”


He disappeared into the little kitchen momentarily and returned with the roll of clear plastic and a small box wrapped up in paper and tied with a bow.


Chuck slowly untied the bow and unwrapped the paper. Then she gasped and looked up at Ned, who simply smiled. “Open the box”, he grinned


Chuck slowly began to open the box. Inside, was a silver ring with a diamond on the top. “This must have cost you a fortune!”, Chuck exclaimed


Ned shrugged. “I’ve been putting a little aside every day since you came back”, he explained, “Somedays it might be a couple of cents, but sometimes it was a few dollars. It was all worth it to see your face just now”


Chuck didn’t say a word, but grabbed the roll and stretched it out and kissed Ned through it. Even through the plastic, she could still feel his warmth against her skin, and it sent tingles throughout her body.


The two of them pulled apart when Olive came bounding through the door. “It’s snowing!”, she cheered, before pulling the curtains in the living room wide open to reveal a light flurry of snow fluttering past.


“Olive, maybe you’d like to take Digby out for a while”, Ned suggested


His waitress squeaked at the excuse to go out into the snow and grabbed Digby’s lead from the coat rack. She then scampered out of the apartment with the dog in tow.


“Should we join them?”, Chuck asked as Olive’s hurried footsteps on the stairs died down


“In a little while”, Ned replied, before they both returned to looking out of the window.


“Happy holidays, Ned”, Chuck said after a while


“Happy holidays, Chuck”, Ned replied


And so that was how the pie-maker and the girl named Chuck spent their first Christmas together.


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